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Don’t trick your users with squeezed web apps like everyone else – instead, build blazingly fast mobile apps. #JigxIt

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Jigx keeps things simple! Azure SQL, Salesforce, SAP, REST? We'll work with what you have. #JigxIt

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Apps that are super intuitive to use. By Design. #JigxIt

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The internet doesn’t always work. That shouldn’t stop your users from working. #JigxIt

Jigx it once – your iOS and Android apps will work on any device.

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Build stunning mobile
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Time to develop an offline capable mobile app

XCode and Android Studio

Cross platform tools


Cost to develop an offline capable mobile app

XCode and Android Studio

Cross platform tools


Rendering speed and user experience

Native iOS and Android


HTML based Apps

Why are customers
turning to Jigx?

MyMotul B2B App

We set out to deliver the premium B2B experience for our customers. A vision that requires a world class mobile app that our customers will love. Jigx has delivered on our vision, setting us up for growth in our digital channel which will be a key differentiator in a changing environment.”


Mark Grunert

Head of Marketing Motul Germany

Jigx’s ability to build mobile apps for sales teams that allow for real time order entry into SAP is revolutionary. It will fundamentally change how businesses can empower their salespeople – and allow them to be exponentially more effective in the sales cycle.”


Eric Sprunk

COO Nike 2013 to 2020

The speed and ease with which companies can build and deploy native mobile applications for their customers, employees and vendors is a critical success factor in today’s competitive world. With Jigx, we’ve seen companies change the way they do business in weeks.”


John Connors

Microsoft CIO & CFO 1995 to 2005

Empowering your customers and employees with high-usability mobile apps that can span the organization is a game changer. Once you have seen and used these apps there is no going back.”


Satbir Khanuja

President and CEO Datasphere 2008 to 2017

Jigx has built by far the best mobile experience for business users. For the first time in history you can be as productive on a mobile device as you can with a traditional desktop.”

Cameron Borumand

General Partner FUSE