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Jigx lets you build native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and tablets that integrate with your existing systems, including your workflow and process automation tools. Jigx easily integrates with any system that supports REST web services, including popular workflow platforms such as Nintex K2 and Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Manage your workflow tasks from anywhere. Tasks are immediately available on your phone and tablet whether you are online or offline.

Nintex Tasklists
Nintex Forms

With Jigx mobile apps you can work with native iOS or Android forms, or simply continue to use your existing HTML forms. Ideal for evolving existing workflow solutions to compelling native mobile apps in Jigx. Get the best of both worlds.

Jigx enables workflow tasklists to work offline. Action tasks offline and automatically sync when connected again. Task decisions will sync automatically with your workflow servers when connected.

Nintex Offline
Nintex Offline

Jigx provides seamless integration with workflow task lists and forms. Adapt existing workflow applications to work with new-generation Jigx native mobile apps at your own pace. Convert important forms to native Jigx apps and continue to use existing HTML forms where required.

Jigx apps work seamlessly with your existing data and workflows. Integrate with your existing workflows and use Jigx out-of-box connectors for your favorite data sources. Jigx includes robust support for REST API services.

Nintex Native Mobile

Mobile apps are trending as the premier channel for connecting to employees, customers and business partners. Success depends on adoption. Jigx apps are designed specifically to be beautiful, responsive and intuitive. Features that delight users and drive adoption.

Enable your users to build native apps that integrate with Nintex automation solutions. Join Glen Bryant and Adriaan van Wyk from Jigx, who will show you how to enable your processes and forms on iOS and Android.