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Mobile apps have literally changed our lives. From social apps, through banking, entertainment, shopping, your doorbell, your investments, your photo album, your email, your camera, your phone, your navigation device, the fabric of everything we do is within a mobile app. For anyone who loves software, has a dream, or runs a business you know there is a mobile app that would make a difference. The opportunity to continue changing the world is right there within our grasp. Except it isn’t. It’s too hard.

At Jigx we are passionate about solving this problem and making it easy for people to build stunning mobile applications. Building software for mobile devices should be fun. Today those lucky few with the right skills understand how fun it can be and how rewarding it is to see a combination of beautiful UI, great software design, and performance come together.

Our mission is to make sure that we spread that fun to everyone who has basic developer capabilities and ensure that anyone with a dream for a mobile app can get on and build. Quickly. At a reasonable cost. For any device. World-class.

That is why we have built a team that is deeply passionate about building beautiful mobile apps with deep experience and skills that can make this dream a reality. Our team is spread across the world but operates as one team. Jigx apps are not only beautiful they are capable, supporting a wide array of visual experiences, connecting to your data, securing your data ensuring that apps continue to work even if the internet is not.   The team combines a mix of very experienced architects, back-end engineers, platform experienced leaders, UI and UX magicians, talented developers, product managers, and brand new developers who are learning the Jigx way. We look for passion and capability. We look for people who will get stuff done and have fun along the way. 

And we are proud to be backed by

Adriaan van Wyk

Adriaan van Wyk was co-founder and CEO at K2 Software from 2000 until 2017. He serves on the investment committee of Adansonia Fund VCC, based out of Singapore. He is Seattle-based and loves outdoor activities and spending time with his family. Adriaan is a passionate Seattle Seahawks supporter but secretly owns a Tom Brady Buccaneers jersey.

Grant Dickinson

Grant started his career in Microsoft, first as a contractor in 1995 and later on in sales, consulting and finally core engineering in Microsoft SQL Server. He joined K2 in 2009 to architect & lead the engineering effort to take the platform to the cloud. He left the Chief Architect role in 2019, and (after a fishing trip with Adriaan) to co-found Jigx. Grant is passionate about building strong, innovative teams and using technology to improve daily life. He is a family-guy, enjoys the outdoors & adventure, and in his free time he is working on solving the 4-color theorem with only 3 crayons.

Jasson Cohen
Jasson Cohen is a Managing Partner and leads MAP Investco, which primarily invests in software and information services businesses. Prior to MAP, Jasson spent nearly 20 years as a software-focused investment banker, most recently at UBS where he led the bank’s software investment banking practice. He is Boston based and enjoys long walks on the beach with his friend Adriaan.
Rudolf Pretorius
Rudolf Pretorius spent 12 years in investment banking with the RMB group, whereafter he founded Treacle Private Equity with two partners in 2000. Rudolf relocated to Mauritius in 2011 where he is a co-founder of the Adansonia Group which provides financial services to investors into Africa and a permanent capital entity that co-invests in African private equity opportunities. He presently serves on the boards of Denham Capital’s African mining fund, Alphamin Resources Corporation, and Bank Zero (a fintech start-up bank in South Africa).
Cameron Borumand
Cameron Borumand is a founding General Partner of FUSE where he focuses on early-stage investments in horizontal and vertical intelligent application software.  Previously, Cameron was a key Principal at Ignition Partners, a leading enterprise software focused venture capital firm. Cameron holds a BS degree in Business Administration-Finance from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest as the son of two immigrant parents.
Eric Sprunk
Eric Sprunk

Eric Sprunk is a global consumer-retail industry leader with more than 30 years’ experience and was most recently the Chief Operating Officer of Nike. Known for fostering trust and loyalty among employees, customers and partners, driving large-scale transformations within complex, diverse, global business environments and consistently delivering market-leading business outcomes. Eric’s responsibilities at Nike included global technology and the digital transformation of Nike over the past decade.  Eric currently serves on the Board of Directors of General Mills, Bombardier and Providence in additional to select private companies including Jigx.

If you feel passionate about making a difference and identify with our mission to make mobile easy get in touch with us talk to us about joining Jigx. 

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